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There is finally a solution that connects all the dots. No need to check emails, the mail, your cell phone, and multiple websites just to manage your few rental units. Rentr has built the most advanced collective set of tools available. Built by landlords, for landlords!

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Let Rentr help you manage your rental business, so it stays fun.

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Tenant Screening

Sort and review all applicants on a simple dashboard.

Easily see who’s the best qualified, and in one click, offer them an electronic lease. Our unique Rentr score provides a great look beyond the FICO score to identify who can be a good fit.


Unit by unit, or your entire business.

Auto reminders sent to tenants before rents are due, and reminders if they are overdue. See live reports for any unit, or for your entire business. Generate and share the perfect report for your year-end accounting with one click.


Offer a lease, and get it signed and returned in a matter of minutes.

Tenants can sign a lease on any device and return it with the security deposit now faster than ever. When a lease is accepted, automatically remove the unit from online listings to stop getting unnecessary contacts.


Simple and accountable maintenance communication and management.

Require tenants to use a maintenance tool where they can describe the problem, share photos and provide the best entry times. Handle the request yourself, or invite a provider in one click to solve and report the problem complete! Need a provider? We’ve got that covered too.

Great Listings.

Pick your perfect listing style.

Easily build each page with our online tools. Each unit receives its own custom listing page, which can be syndicated to all the most popular listing services.

Accountable Communication.

No more interrupted dinners by tenant text messages and phone calls.

When there is a leaky faucet, a loud neighbor, or question about a when you can stop by, use an easy, searchable, accountable communication tool. Each message is date/time stamped and organized by subject. Easily know what needs completed or look back for recurring problems.

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